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I'd love to see a 3rd faction

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I'd love some feedback on #3. I think the resource model makes poor use of the fact that each player has a mobile base. I scarcely move my Carrier at all when I play Gaalsien. Some call for it as Coalition, since the Carrier produces units and moving the Carrier reduces travel time. I'd love to have more pockets of resources each with a smaller total value, this would work to encourage some degree of moving around the map.

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  1. Any plans to add replays? If so, when?

  2. Same as above, only for observer mode.

  3. Not to complain or cast aspersions, but one of the weakest things about the multiplayer to me right now is the map design. Are there any plans to release a map editor/mod tools, and/or release new maps?

Thanks for your time, I overall am very pleased with DoK and am hopeful for the future of the game.

P.S. I doubt your team had any direct control over the name but I definitely found "shipbreakers" to be a better name than "deserts of Kharak." Shipbreakers tells the player about how the game works, what they'll be doing. The word Kharak only really matters to people who are familiar with Homeworld.

Anyways, thanks for doing the AMA and as I said I think you've done an overall great job on the game. :)