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Will I be sued for helping?

if you're trained with cpr (as i am, bls/medical provider on my card) there is no wrong way to do cpr.

which you can say in any situation. i recently had to renew mine, and my instruction was explicit when he said not to be intimidated or freak out if you hear anything crack. D:

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i just heard about this coming in after setting off fireworks (west coast person here) anyway, you're a first responder, you were doing your job; as was the off duty nurse who helped out until the paramedics arrived. i'm in the medical field, and although my scope of practice isn't up there, if i was put in the same situation...i'd have to do something.

have you talked to the guy since he's been the hospital?

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thanks for answering my question! i hope that you guys can meet up in the future.

my old job, i had to go above and beyond for this tl; dr horror story, the party involved text me a few months after around court time, and thanked me for my help / updated me. moments like that made me feel good. i'm glad you're all sticking to your guns.