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I've never scrutinized a cock on screen quite so closely before.

My gf walked in and asked if I was going to kiss my screen.

lol. I kid, I kid.

I don't have a gf.

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Not gonna lie, at FIRST GLANCE it looks promising for a beta product.

Get back to me when the it fits in a pack of smokes and the price is 19.99.

Kidding. I could see someone dropping $200, $300 maybe even $500 on a mature product from a reputable company and a 1 year warranty via SKYMALL - but a grand to be an early adopter of what looks like alpha/beta/ first gen tech at best?

Good luck with that.

Now, at second glance, I will say your presentation on IGG is somewhat lacking. I'm not sure if that is because you are a noob in the ways of marketing and doing it all yourself, or if you are a fraud.

You will hook some people with a few pics but IMHO, you need to talk a lot more about your team and tech, bios on your scientists and engineers that you mention but do not identify, previous success with manufacturing other products, a peep inside the box WHAT'S IN THE BOX!

In other words, MORE than a pic of guy in a t-shirt holding up a SHEET OF PAPER with a black box hanging off you, some charts and a pic of a warehouse door from the parking lot (with no sign) ooh - take my money,

The article in forbes is an advertisement and is pay to play which means it has Zero credibility. The rest of your proof fails to meet the bar of anything more than 'this was not posted by a BOT'.

That crappy shopify website that took 30 seconds to load isn't doing you any favors either.

Since this is an AMA, and I'm supposed to ask a question, here it is:

Who are your 2 Ph.D. scientists and 3 MDs that are advising you?

Where did they go to school, where have they been employed and what experience do they have in bringing such a product to market? Previous success stories? etc.

Have you applied for a trademark or patent protection? links to both please.

Until I see a verifiable answer, I would run from this. The more I look at it, the more it does not pass the smell test. It's possible you are a noob and just don't know how things are done in the crowdfunding space to ensure you have the proper cred and you literally put this thing together in your shop on Friday and trying to gauge interest but you are soliciting business with a delivery timetable of OCTOBER and today is already the 10th so color me skeptical. I'm seen some very smooth and polished campaigns turn into hot garbage a minute after they close and get funded but you are literally 'a guy with a box'.

I know high school kids who could push out a sharper looking campaign with more credibility. This looks like it was phoned in.

Just my 2 cents, Best of luck.

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While I WANT to give you the benefit of the doubt here, your reply was worthless. Utterly worthless. Not even hot garbage. Not even warmed over garbage. But I still can't tell if you are completely full of shit or just a noob idiot that thinks the world is full of believers who drank your punch and will flock to you to put down a GRAND on what is probably the riskiest platform in the world and is just RIFE with scams.

Do yourself a favor and upgrade from the cheapest shittiest shared hosting server to a dedicated or a split - right now your site is on a server with 10,000 others who might get visited by 10 people a day. WHen that goes to 10 people a minute things slow down.

Your last line says it all:

We are disconnecting now.

Thank you all for engaging with us! We will be back in a few weeks (read: AFTER your IGG campaign closes in 9 days) to answer more questions

Sure you will. I look forward to it Dr. wassyourface, a PHD that - who was it?

Ah, yes - it was r/Kaldenar who pointed out you mixed up wavelength and frequency...

So, by identifying yourself as one of the .phd's (From Caltech no less) you now have me over the tipping point because apparently you have no time for marketing but plenty of time for SALES and you are a .phd that doesn't know 6th grade '1st day of school' terms.

I'm satisfied. That you are full of shit.

I think a lot of us are going to be reaching out to the mods at IGG. I know I will.