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Do you think that the trend of increased regulation following the '08 crisis could be part of a long term shift in financial regulation?

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I've been looking for an AMA like this one for a long time. I'm currently starting my own business and there are a lot of specifics which I'm not really sure about. Firstly, how did you decide when you were going to incorporate, hire lawyers & accountants, and other such things. Secondly, how did you fund your business? Thirdly, what are some pitfalls that you prepared for that would have otherwise killed your venture (i.e. not the usual stuff like running out of cash)? Fourthly, how did you acquire clients (what was your growth model)? Fifthly, how did you have to change your business (if at all) to make sure you turned a profit after taxes/interest? And finally, how has the day to day running of the business changed since you first started it?

I can appreciate that's a pretty big block of questions so please do PM me if that's easier for you. I would really appreciate any insights you could give me. Thanks.