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*"Oi Cunts"

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Hi Zoe, I love your work! I saw you in person once when you presented at the opening of Hot Fuzz and got all fangirl. Expanding on how you get into stunt work... Who/Where do you even start asking? I remember trying once because I figured, I'm good at martial arts, know how to ride a motorcycle, ride a horse, snowboard, shoot a bow and arrow, etc. and love doing all that stuff, so I emailed a bunch of stunt people asking how to get into it and never got replies. Do you have to "know someone"? Are there agencies?

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Never heard of it, but it looks really fun! Damn I would have loved going to that. I don't know that I have the fitness or money for it now though... this was >10 years ago that I was thinking about stunt work. I'm now an old mom with a job that sits me in front of the computer all day :)

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Do you have a favorite past race on YouTube or another place to watch?