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Personally, I think that even if 90% of the people getting UBI were lazy and "dont deserve" it, the whole program would still be worth it for those 10%. It's not very often that a government gets the opportunity to help so many people raise themselves out of poverty.

Even if there are so many lazy people their children will be brought up much better and have the opportunities they deserve. Crime will be lower since the desperate people no longer feel the need to steal and rob.

Also, even the lazy people will be putting the money right back into the economy. Better to give to them than the companies that will give their billionaire exec's huge bonuses.

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I have never understood why people hate TSA. You see the shit they out up with when going through, but they do it all day. Every time I smile, ask them how it's going, and say thanks, I always get a smile and at least a "oh you know, it's going"

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I have a mental image of a guy running around the baggage areas of the airport holding a pair of girly underwear shouting "I need to find the bag for this!!!" And the boss shouting "we don't have time, it's yours now!"

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Have you noticed if the rush is slowing down as people fill their entire houses with toilet paper?

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If we get sick, what should we be looking out for in terms of catching serious cases early? If I get sick I don't want to take up a nurse's or doctor's time and risk infecting them just to tell me to go home and rest. But I also don't want to stay at home when I need help.

Thank you for doing what you are doing. Stay healthy and take care of yourself!