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you're a great guy, Terry, thanks for doing this ama. i have to end this with a question mark?

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skype used to be p2p, and was only a few megs, and worked flawlessly. it used to quietly occupy only a tiny amount of screen space, and had only relevant information shown. now it's a gallumphing derigible of a program, using hundreds of megs of ram,with ads, that cannot be made smaller unless i do a bit of hackery. according to wikipedia, microsoft servers were shown to be monitoring skype messages, when they used to be encrypted from end to end. my question for you is, is there anything you guys can't fuck up?

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i forgot how much they really do sound like Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, and Joe Pesci.

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as if technology degrades

I have some hard drives I want to sell you.

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millenium and the last few seasons of x files are garbage. did you have anything to do with either?