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Gynecologist here - what was the reason for removing the other tube? Ectopic pregnancy may result in the loss of one but why the other?

I was expecting a story about opportunistic salpingectomy at the time of removal of a giant ovarian cyst not a story about ectopic pregnancy. Especially when in the comments it seems you weren't done w childbearing.

Can you share some more with us? I am so sorry that your experience was so long and drawn out. I hope you recover quickly!

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Do you have any avenues into being a durable medical equipment supplier?

I'm a gynecologist and I treat pelvic organ prolapse, which is exacerbated by constipation and straining, but a lot of my patients would find your regular price squatty party to be too expensive. If insurance would cover it as a durable medical equipment, it would likely be more accessible.

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Out of curiosity, why did you go to the ER? Did you suddenly wake up to large testicles?

While I deal primarily with women in my practice, I would imagine this isn't per se urgent or emergent.

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Gynecologist here. You can make that decision. There are gynecologists out there who will do it. But Insurance denying and doctor denying aren’t the same thing.

Maybe we don’t understand how an organ that is not visible externally is purely cosmetic. That being said we do remove them as part gender confirmation for our trans patients

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100% agree. And it’s a very good medical indication for hysterectomy. The above reference is in re: to the “medically unnecessary” and autonomy perspective.