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I was at REI probably 6-8 years ago in line to return a travel pouch we never used. There was a guy in front or two in front of me that had this portable camp stove or burner or something (it was a real tiny one not the ones that hold multiple pots). The thing looked like it was 5 years old, had burn marks all over it (like it had been used for an eternity). He told them he didn't like it anymore and they refunded him something like $115.

After the policy change, I heard they will still refund things after 1 year if they deem it reasonable (if you buy a $200 backpack and use it 3 times and the zipper breaks or something that really shouldn't happen), but the policy was to stop abusers.

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I think something simple like "What's stopping you from taking a different path?" would be a very good question and shows that change is okay as opposed to past tense which may infer there's no return.

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What version of unity are you using?

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Approximately how many people get banned per year? Do you guys keep pictures of them in the office or how do you know they are banned?

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I think he must have had a seismographic technotomitor and put it into the crust of the earth when they first sign of the quake hit. Then he measured it for 30 seconds and went into a waterproof capsule, took off his scuba gear, took out his pen, and logged the findings.

Or he just wrote it the next day while waiting for a taxi.