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Going on about 6 years now. I even dumped their replacement (DirecTV) and we are now "cord CUT".

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Obviously the Blue Angels know how to land their jets on a boat.

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...except you wear G-suits where they do not, is that correct?

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Early in my operational life, I was subjected to traumatic damage to the structural components of my right upper-body appendage, thus rendering me unable to execute my Prime Directive. While it was under repair for the next 60 solar-cycles, I was forced to perform a firmware upgrade which allowed ambidextrous use of my appendages for Directive execution.

To this day, I still operate by that now-unnecessary firmware upgrade.

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Not quite as special anymore, but my favorite has always been:

Lights flicker late at night at ESPN studios

Worker goes down to the basement to learn why, Lance Armstrong is resting on his stationary bike wiping his brow, says "Oh, I didn't know you were still here..." keeps pedaling, lights back on.