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Goddamnit eddy! He asked you a question!

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Have you ever had a girl that wanted you MORE after finding out that nothing sexual could happen between you guys?

Also, do you find yourself just trying to stay away from girls altogether (even in terms of just friendship), as to not risk "falling for them" or becoming attracted to them?

edit: So I asked because you could ironically probably get a lot of ass with that line. I have this weird fetish for hot war veterans in wheelchairs who are paralyzed from the waist down. I think the thought that I would have to really try to turn him on and the general struggle and potential victory of trying to get him hard is a turn on for girls. It's kind of like King Midas' touch. Turn everything to gold... but you can't enjoy it. I forgot where I was going with this...

But uh........ I guess other guys can use this tactic :/

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How do you handle a situation where a parent, who has been the victim of DV at the hand of the other parent, attempts to alienate or withhold the child from the abuser-parent? Particularly when the DV is limited to between the parents and there was no direct exposure to the children?

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Yes -- I'm curious as to your take on the situation and how parents can overcome this. I've seen this happen once where the victim-parent has decided to "finally take a stand" against the abuser-parent and won't be bullied or pushed around anymore, and then refuses to consider allowing the abuser-parent to have more time with the child. It's hard because being a terrible or abusive spouse does not always mean being a terrible or abusive parent. And it's hard (and undoubtedly, unfair) for the victim-parent to understand that.