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wanderingmagus10 karma

Assuming that cross-platform play is an option, how will you balance mouse-and-keyboard advantages against VR players, especially in PvP? A M&K player being able to turn 360 with a single flick of the wrist and noscope someone, while a VR player having to physically turn much slower and aim, seems unfair and unbalanced.

Additionally, there has been a lot of suggestions on the Discord server from the community about a desire to implement interactive crafting and a player-driven economy, with crafts requiring controller motions and players being able to set up shops rather than rely on NPCs and a universal auction house. Are there any existing plans regarding crafting and economy?

Finally, there's been some debate about the general "theme" of the game, since it has been described as "anime-inspired" and "cyberpunk", while incorporating traditional elements like swords and magic. Are there any plans to have themed areas, or places in the world that aren't necessarily high-tech oriented? You've described the world as "Ghibli-inspired", what did you mean by that?

wanderingmagus3 karma

Speaking of theme, since the world as shown seems to be at least somewhat postapocalyptic, will there be portions of the world which are medieval in style, either animesque Japanese medieval like Mononoke-Hime and Spirited Away, or European medieval like most other MMOs?

Will there be mounts and vehicles, like horses, carriages, griffons, and hoverboards?

Are there any plans to allow crafting of custom designs in-game, like custom cosmetic clothing, sword designs, housing, and so on? It might take some pressure off of the art team by allowing more of the world to be made by players and just screened by the team.

What are your thoughts on the suggested PvP ideas, like Duel Arenas with spectator betting, organized group vs group battles, deathmatch options, and especially the player bounty system?

Are there any plans for a karma-like system?

Will there be NPC factions? If so, will there be reputation options?