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You're confusing smarter computers with dumber people.

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or there's the two little nubs on the f and j keys. I'm typing this without looking at the keyboard. look at me go.

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Alright, guy who pretty much manages the comments section here. We have always had a policy that you're always free to make a complete and total jackass out of yourself. We don't edit comments, we don't delete comments (except for obvious spam, which there's a lot of, and anything that includes the words, "reblogged this and commented:"), and for sake of principle, we will never remove any comment that is critical of hackaday.

This has led to some extremely hateful comments, directed both at hackaday and other commenters.

This has seemed to improve dramatically. How did you manage that? Are you reviewing/editing all comments now?

Here's the thing: I haven't done anything differently about how I moderate the comments. Your guess is as good as mine. We haven't even banned anyone, and I can remember a few times when that would have been a worthwhile thing to do.

We're looking at improving the commenting system, hopefully something with an upvote/downvote system. I'm a little hesitant about this because that means the comments will devolve into a series of stupid puns (see: reddit, and even slashdot with the insightful/funny/etc tags). We're trying to figure out a way around that, and maybe a default sorting by 'controversial' will help. That's pretty much unexplored (or at least poorly implemented) territory in terms of encouraging valuable discussion on the Internet. We'll probably screw it up somehow, but when we start on that, we're not going to stop until we have a system that's better than what we have now.

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They are on a dvorak.

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Another HaD editor here.

If Make and Instructables are the equivalent of the freshman year of an EE or CS degree, the goal of Hackaday is to be at least the sophomore year of an EE or CS degree.

Hackaday.io is great, but you need to realize it's only a start. There are millions of projects out there, and a lot of them - especially and perhaps unfortunately anything to do with an Arduino - share a ton of common elements. You have no idea how many times I see the wheel reinvented every day. Need to control some neopixels with an attiny85? I can find 100 different ways to do that.

With a lot of improvements, Hackaday.io could reasonably stand to change that; just pick out different elements of projects and turn them into something new. Keep in mind the technology to do this doesn't even exist right now, but it's being worked on. Here's something that makes a ton of microcontroller code portable between different devices and environments. That's nuts and just by itself could change a whole bunch about electronics, making, and all the other stuff that comes with that.

As far as organizational changes at Hackaday go, we're doing a ton of outreach/coverage of 'maker' and 'hacker' events. Thanks to the new corporate overlords, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to beautiful Goshen, Indiana for the Midwest RepRap Festival, exotic Wall, New Jersey for VCF East, places around DC, the HOPE conference next month, the big Maker Faires, and a ton of other places basically just to throw tshirts at people and shoot a few videos. We have a Hackaspace going up that will be loaded to the gills with awesome tools, and I have made a promise to myself that Hackaday will have a space program some day. I really, really want to do a hackathon, but something where people actually build stuff, instead of dick around with node.js or some API. Think junkyard wars, but with more liability insurance.

So yeah, cool stuff.