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Hey, Tommy! Just wanted to say that I'm a big fan, and can't wait for the next VGL album (I was part of the most recent Kickstarter). Since this is an AMA, I figured I'd ask: when you're composing for a video game, how do you decide on what themes you build upon to accompany a game? Do you give the game a play through while its in development, or do you compose with only a bit of reference to the game? One final thing: your rendition of the Castlevania theme is impossibly good. Are you a human/guitar hybrid?

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That... Would be amazing. Contact Nintendo PLS?!?!

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That's so cool! I never really thought about the process of composing music for games or movies, even though I listen almost exclusively to such soundtracks. It must be eerie to play a game without an accompanying soundtrack, since music adds so much to the atmosphere of a game! Has there ever been a game that you've played where you get an itch to compose a new score? Thanks for your answers! Your perfectionism does show in your work :D