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Since you do graphics, could you please explain to me why Comic Sans is so hated? Its not the most professional, sure, but it is not the ugliest I've seen. I mean, just take a look at Gothic. Its not scary OR useful!

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Loved that movie. You really do need to make one for yourself.

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I feel the same way. Yes they cover more, but if you throw all the "more" under a cover of a crazy high deductible AFTER an already high monthly payment, it's almost like you would be better off just keeping your money in a savings account or something and roll the dice on injury. At least with one, you'll know where the money really is.

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So the government allowed them a percentage? No wonder why the insurance has risen nearly 400 dollars per month for near poverty level people after ACA subsidy.

To clarify: After all subsidy used.

Price in 2016: 150/month

Price in 2018: 450/month