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What sort of things could be done that would eliminate the manipulation? It seems like there are a lot of assumptions traders are making - like soon to arrive ships will unload their cargo, and then the ships don't, so then their bets that the oil would be cheap allow Chevron to get cheap oil. Uh, how do you set it up or change these markets so that they can't be manipulated?

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My best guess is they mean 3.3 hospital beds per 1000 people.


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Thanks, I'd definitely like to see anything that creates honesty and transparency in markets.

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This is great, we obviously need to end child slavery

What's a good way to make sure these groups that Nestle uses to farm and/or buy cocoa from doesn't use child labor - EVER

Are there sources of cocoa that are slavery-free?

And/or do you know if it would be possible to grow cocoa in the United States, like in Florida or Hawaii?

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wooden coins

Maybe you could have coupons / gift cards for food. You could charge for the food of course, or accept a coupon / gift card. (Good for a particular day, maybe easily checked to see if it was 'valid' already redeemed, or whatever).

You could also sell those at the front, and people could hand them out before the event, whatever you wanted to do.

Then it's just a normal business with this weird coupon layer in front of it. But the spirit of it could be similar.