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walkin_on_the_moon2204 karma

Hey Sean, huge fan of the show. Who's your white whale that you've been wanting to get on the show?

PS Get Conan on hot ones

walkin_on_the_moon3 karma

Hey Graham! Huge fan, man. Is there any hope for more Blur US tour dates? I've been dying to see you guys and I can't make it to LA/NYC :(

walkin_on_the_moon2 karma

Hey Albert! Loving the new record. What's your favorite Bowie record?

Also I'm officially requesting spooky couch to be in the setlists for the upcoming tour

walkin_on_the_moon1 karma

What if I were to tell you I had a 22 inch cock is that something you might be interested in?!

Also how fun was it to push stuff off of people's desk as Ari?

walkin_on_the_moon1 karma

Entourage is probably my favorite show of all time drink rely thanks to you - did you particularly enjoy any episodes more than the others or did you enjoy a certain cameo?