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Question for Brenda. Big fan of your board game designs such as Train, The New World, or One Falls for Each of Us. Have you given any consideration to creating digitized versions or returning to thematic messaging with game mechanics?

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You have no idea what you are talking about or how the law works. When mental health is at issue in a criminal or civil case the privilege of therapist and patient does not apply. OP probably just sat in the hearing and heard the therapist explain all of this.

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I'm a practicing attorney in South Carolina. I'm looking at a person's mental health records right now.

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What's it like having a professional job and a creative one? How do you juggle your time and resources to afford it?

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That is ironically one of the reasons it died. Very small pool of readers and people being forced to compete over whose writings were the most insightful or smart. It turned into listing off articles, which turned into cliques, which eventually turned into petty bickering.