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Hello! I have several questions for you guys, I am currently studying for a degree in Astrophysics so what you guys do definitely applies to me! :)

  • For the space industry, what do you guys find to be the most used/useful programming language, and also which language is best to begin learning in order to progress to others? (I have very very little programming experience and am very interested in getting started as every aspect of the industry/research seems to require a basic understanding in some form of programming)

  • What are you currently working on? Any exciting projects coming up? (I imagine they're all pretty exciting to be honest)

  • How did you get into the industry, and was getting a job difficult? Did you gain experience whilst studying?

  • What is it like working with such a prominent company in the space industry just now?

I probably have many more, but I'm sure this is enough to keep you going just now. Sorry for using the word 'industry' so frequently, I'm not quite sure how else to describe it.

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By building software to test the software...

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This is very true, but it's always good to hear from people in the world I might be in one day.

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With regards to this, how does the advance in technology relate with your ability build software to accommodate it? I guess you are always speaking to the engineers and theoretical scientists, but say they throw something at you, do you generally have the ability to produce software for them almost straight up, or do you then have to take time and advance your own programming?