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my sister is big believer in DBT and I've seen her make tons of progress. She's really struggling with the current vivid situation and 2 week ago had her first hospitalization in years due to stress of impending homelessness etc. She was in solitary for 8 days though and held it together grinding her DBT skills and she's come out feeling more confident in her skills.

My question though is: I know mindfulness exercises are typically thought of as being positive experiences, but I personally have a lot of problems when I try them myself, so what is the best place to start for someone who has panic attacks to guided meditations?

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I find eating to be one of my favorite ways to experience other cultures. Any recommendations for cook books with native American recipe?

I've heard that some tribes really lost a lot of the cooking traditions when there native lands and thus many of the foods they could hunt changed. But am curious to learn more about the state of modern cuisine.

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Thanks for this. I'll definitely be giving it a shot. Gonna try listening to yalls podcast at work today.

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Thanks for this, I'm gonna give it a shot. I like your analogy about lifting weights. makes sense that I'm not just gonna jump out the gate being good at it and seeing crazy results.

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Thanks a bunch I'm ordering it now!