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w8watm830 karma

How come Australia has such a (sorry for the word) shitty internet and it’s so good damn expensive?! I pay like 110$ a months for 50mbts download.

While in Europe and Asia you can get 1gb download speed for the equivalent of 15 Australian dollars.

And if I don’t get the speed I pay for and complain, my internet provider tells me they can’t do anything about it, try not to use internet in the peek hours. For the money I pay for my shitty internet they should be able to keep up with other continents’ standards. Or at least with the standards they promised me.

w8watm83 karma

Shouldn’t prison be an exemplary place where people who come from bad neighbourhoods could experience what life could be like if they did no crime, so once they get out they won’t go back to it?

It just seems like people who commit crime are getting thrown into shitholes from shitholes, and then people standing around not understanding how keeping a man locked for 10+ years doesn’t make them any better but instead forces them to go back to crime since they know nothing else.