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How does L-M view the non-military, non-governmental user community? Are we a testbed for finding/working out bugs for the primary target clientele, a cottage industry for sim environment/scenario development, or something else? How does our patronage and third-party development fit in to L-M's strategic goals for microsimulation?

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exposing a control interface to allow third-party add-ons to directly control AI aircraft would help immensely. Currently ATC add-ons have to coexist in an environment populated with unpredictable AI traffic entities. Even simple tools like the ability to get all the traffic into a pattern for specific runway(s) would be a good start and very helpful.

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It's pretty limiting to assume that the only way to line up the EULA provisions with your personal use case is to compromise your integrity. If you're not comfortable with your use case fitting into the EULA, then you are certainly free to take some minor action to make yourself a legitimate professional user...take a few flying lessons or enroll in a ground school and become a legit trainee. Or pick up some C++/xml/3D coding skills to make some freeware aircraft or scenery, and a legit developer you shall be.