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w3hwalt6 karma

Hi! I recently realized I'd been lucid dreaming for years - I have some small amount of control over my dreams, can influence their direction, etc. If I focus on something before I go to bed I can often dream of it, and during a dream I can change the directory if I've already thought about doing so beforehand (for example, I used to have a ton of 'you're back in high school' type dreams, decided when I was awake I wanted to have them less and decided I'd dream about X instead, and now when I start having them I can switch my dream onto another track).

I thought everyone did this, but apparently not!

What advice do you have for someone in my position, who isn't a total beginner and wants to learn more? Besides, obviously, reading your book, which I plan to!

w3hwalt1 karma

This sounds really interesting, I'll try it. Thank you!