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Hello jelly donut, I'm dad

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OK. Somebody find Buckman, launch him out a torpedo tube.

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I'm sure when Fluffy died it was a big loss in the staff (no pun intended). I was sad personally, I loved that exhibit.

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I understand all too well. My brother went through RF, and had to have a kidney transplant (his mother was a match; different moms, him and I). He lived without issues up until about 3 years ago, and started going through failure a 2nd time. He's got a fistula as well, and does dialysis 3 times a week.

Not really so much a question as a plea: Please don't be like him, do what the doctors ask so you don't end up going back into failure because you're too stubborn to listen.

That being said, what caused your situation? Hereditary condition, birth defect of sorts, etc?

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I don't think you stressed it enough, James.

If you have doubts of whether it is clean enough or not, clean it again.