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I'm also confused. Somehow Larry is suggesting that Bernie winning, with campaign finance reform as one of his major policy issues, will handicap his ability to enact campaign finance reform?

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Would you be willing to enter into a legal agreement that you would face immediate impeachment should you pursue any policy matter other than campaign finance reform? (I don't know in what form such an agreement would exist, but at least hypothetically)

Your response in this comment thread concerning non-campaign finance reform issues concerns me:

I would be president. Those decisions would be mine. And part of this campaign is about convincing people I could make those decisions well. I would consider myself a trustee, both of the VP and of the people (to pass the CEA). But the ultimate call is mine.

I don't think that you can simultaneously say that you are only running for one purpose and will step down after its accomplishment, and that other decisions will be yours alone. This undermines your critique of Bernie having multiple policy goals.

I feel that Bernie is proposing an approach that goes above and beyond Obama's, and that you're trying to paint him to appear uncommitted to a cause that he has been passionate about for years. http://feelthebern.org/bernie-sanders-on-political-and-electoral-reform/

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Frankly, I think that you risk pulling support from our best shot of real, meaningful campaign finance reform. At what point would you be willing to pull out of the primary and throw support behind Bernie?

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He probably didn't, otherwise he wouldn't describe 0.5 legal hours so cavalierly as "about 30 minutes)

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Wait, that qualifies as an extreme question?