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That's a serious contender for best rap album ever.

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Thanks for this AMA! How much information do teams have access to beyond what we have as fans through sites like B-Ref, Fangraphs, and so on?

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Thanks for being here Steve. You had a memorable guest appearance on Homicide (here are some of the scenes) playing a lonely racist that shot 3 cops. What do you remember about filming the episode, especially your scenes with Andre Braugher in the box? Also, how was it coming back later to direct an episode?

Edit: Sad to see I didn't get an answer but glad to see so many people that enjoyed my comment (and I assume, the scenes). If you're interested, feel free to check out our Homicide sub! (/r/Homicide_LOTS)

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Interesting to know we're all looking at the same numbers. Thanks for the response!

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Hey Kevin, thanks for being here. You guest-starred in an episode of Homicide: Life on the Street (as a parolee who killed his girlfriend's father, his PO, and then nearly was killed by his associates). How was that role and what do you remember about with the Homicide crew?

P.S. Loved you on Community! Any chance you're coming back for the next season?