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I'm about 80% done with Hail Mary so no spoilers but how did you Come up with the physical description of Rocky?

Also, I've asked this question on Twitter a few times but I guess you didn't see it - Time period of a pendulum is 2*pi*sqrt(l/g) right? At 346 oscillations in 10mins, and l=2.5m, I'm getting g=32.8m/s2, i.e; more than twice the initial test tube falling experiment. Did I make a calculation mistake? Care to check my math please? Or am I getting the length of the pendulum wrong?

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What was the scariest moment of your life? And also,
What was the greatest moment of your life?

Thank you for doing this AMA. Please tell your son that he's a wonderful person, as are you :)

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If you stretch the pendulum way left and release it, one oscillation would be when it attains its left most position again, right?

He also used the word 'cycles' for the pendulum's oscillations so I think that removes a lot of ambiguity.

The only explanation I can think of is he didn't explicitly write the length of the pendulum. Just said that the length from the ceiling to floor was 2.5m. It's possible the pendulum was shorter, in fact, it should've been around 1.14m

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As a non American, my only question can be why only US students? Is there a way international students can get an internship at NASA? (If they are good enough, obviously)