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SEC. TOULOUSE OLIVER: New Mexico is not only a real place it is REALLY amazing! Come visit! I loved Breaking Bad not just for being a great show but also because I felt like it was a love letter to my beautiful state. The storyline may be tragic, but just looking at the beautiful imagery of my home always makes me smile. Incidentally, Breaking Bad filmed in many places I have personally spent much time: Java Joes, my favorite breakfast place (aka Tuco's hideout); my high school gym (season 2, episode 1), my old office building (Hank's DEA building); the Grove (where Walter and Lydia meet for coffee); Twisters (i.e. Los Pollos Hermanos), and many more!

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SEC. TOULOUSE OLIVER: Currently, in NM, Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is available in non-partisan, local elections. Right now, two major municipalities: Las Cruces and Santa Fe, employ RCV for their elections. We are hoping Albuquerque is next! Our state would need to pass a constitutional amendment to allow, first, for any sort of runoff voting at the state level. There will be a bill in the upcoming NM legislative session to place this question on the ballot for NM voters. If passed, the legislature could then adopt legislation not only mandating runoff-style elections for state offices, but also to mandate RCV in those offices. So, at minimum, this will be a multi-year process. The good news is we are off to a good start with RCV in NM!

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When voting by mail, the controls that you normally see with in-person voting are different. Although processes vary by state, with in person voting, you have two controls: 1-the person provides ID (in most states), and 2-the person signs a poll book (these signatures generally are not analyzed or compared). The biggest control is the ID, as that is how the voter proves they are who they say they are. With absentee voting, the controls happen at two different times, rather than when the voter is standing at the check in line: at registration and when the ballot is returned. ID is verified differently, depending on the state. Some states require voters to send ID with their ballot. Some states require witnesses or even a notary to sign. And others (including Utah), verify the voter’s ID with the Social Security Administration and/or the state driver license division. Most states have to comply with the REAL ID act, which has strict requirements to get a state driver license or ID. Election officials can piggy back off those controls to help verify identity.

But the biggest control for most jurisdictions is comparing the voter signature on the return envelope to the signature(s) that we have on file for the voter. Signatures are imprints of the mind, not so much the hand. They’re unique to the voter, and require quite a bit of skill and practice to forge well enough to get past trained eyes or signature verification software.

I say all of this because if someone steals your ballot, they’re also going to need to forge your signature well enough to pass our review. In the meantime, you can always call your local election administrator and request a replacement ballot. In most instances they can spoil your stolen ballot, so even if the person forges your signature perfectly, the system will identify that ballot as spoiled, and will reject it.


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SEC. TOULOUSE OLIVER: At the end of the day, it's an election official's job to make sure there is no obstruction of the voting process. However, if you personally feel intimidated or in any way prevented from casting your vote at a polling place, let your polling place official know, or call 1-866-OUR-VOTE to report an issue

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COMMISSIONER HOVLAND: I don't mind the idea of Election Day on a Saturday or Sunday, but my real preference is for voters to have options. Many Americans like the traditional Tuesday Election Day, but it doesn't work for everyone. That is why it is important have early voting and no excuse absentee as an option. Also, as much as I love voting, I am not sure I want to be competing with a college football Saturday or an NFL Sunday for many Americans attention.