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vornadowdw18 karma

i dont know if i can pick just one but i will say that most guests overlook the thought that is put into the theming at wdw. this is probably the best example i can give


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guests who simply cannot be pleased. if i sense that a guest is having a bad day, i try my best to turn it around for them. it sucks when i feel like a guest walks away having a bad experience

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shit. at least you have an awesome story to tell for the rest of your life. we make magic happen yo

vornadowdw12 karma

that seems to be the case with the college program. they live in dorms and i imagine its quite similar to any college dorm experience. i have not heard about in character role playing though. it must happen though. i am now thinking about mickey banging cinderella. i need to shower

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that would be the most terrifying ride ever. i know they do space mountain, tower, and rock'n with the lights off. but small world, too many nightmares