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Aba: another series of books you might enjoy (by the same author) is Malory Towers. It's set in an old boarding school again. Another well known series by Enid Blyton is the Famous Five where four children (and their dog) solve lots of mysteries!

*Also Kirrin Castle in the stories is based on a castle close to where I grew up! (Corfe Castle near Swanage if anyone's wondering!)

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....? Enid Blyton wrote St. Claires, Malory Towers and the Famous Five.

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It's like a exchange program between universities in the EU, so you'll study in another EU country for a semester or a year. But you have to already be studying at a university in an EU country.

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Because you generally only need to look at a locus for genetic disorders where this is on the chromosome level, although UK police use the amel locus for xx/xy/other combos determination

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You have to be in an EU university to do Erasmus...which syria isn't...