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I have the BRCA gene with my mother having agressive breast cancer at 39 and an aunty dying of breast cancer at 29. My cousin that is 26 years old has just recently been diagnosed with a low grade breast cancer. I decided to get surgery to stop the constant worry about if a lump is present and to reduce the amount of scans needed every six months.

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I am a 21 yr old having surgery in a year to remove both breasts as a precautionary measure. I am wondering if you are going to get fake nipples made after size all sorted? Or are you just going to stick with how they are? I was considering getting little rose tattoos in the place of nipple.

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Yes that is the problem with the increased risk of breast cancer. They won't remove my ovaries until between 35 and 40. I wish you all the luck and it is refreshing to see someone with such a positive attitude.

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okay yeah cause I thought about the nipples being hard to hide haha. Yeah I think something different from an experienced artist would be awesome.