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voiceoverpete460 karma

Yes. It was filled with profanity and bullying. I refuse to do those types of videos

voiceoverpete432 karma

Some day, I will be doing an old spice commercial. But until then, I have a lot of credit cards to cash in.

voiceoverpete364 karma

I did it because it sounded fun. No one had any idea it would go viral. Go figure. Lol.

voiceoverpete233 karma

Initially I just did it to bring in extra income, and then over the last few years, my Fiverr career has really taken off and I do it full time. Now I'm wayyy swamped with work since I became a meme but it's fun :)

voiceoverpete225 karma

It's super fun! I really like video games so it seems like an awesome meme to be apart of :)