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Why am I having a hard time believing this? 4 months roughly equates to 120 days, which means in your 2 bedroom apartment, you and an additional 3.7 people in your place EACH DAY....

No others in your building complained? Also, even if no one did, how do you keep on a schedule to constantly have almost 4 additional occupants in your house every single nigh? Even in a house with more bedrooms and space, this is still cramped for this many adults.

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Thank you! Their earlier comments got downvoted to oblivion. (or deleted) where they basically said. "We tell our landlords we'll be having guests, we just don't say how many"... Horrible horrible precedent for other travelers looking for a cool place to rent that isn't a hotel. They ruin it for others. And believe me, no neighbor wants a revolving door of almost 500 people in and out of the place next door.

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I did... and I now know why when I travel around the world that people are wary of renting places out, and it's hard to find cool places to rent. It may seem awesome to you for this, but you can't even understand how this abuse of a property hurts the rest of the travelers in the world.

But what do you care? You apparently go to low income countries and take advantage of these people. You put shame to the other good will travelers of this earth.

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It's not about that.. it's about people being ugly travelers in the world. There's many words for it, Ugly American, Euro Trash, etc... However, having almost 500 people in a revolving door apartment in a few months does not leave a good impression on the locals anywhere you go. Ever. All this does is make it hard for the rest of us good respectful travelers to find cool places to rent that aren't hotels.

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No shit Sherlock...