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You're crazy. I think I might love you.

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Wow that's a profound way to look at it. People like to say "Blah you're either born into an environment that allows success or you're lucky, there's no point in working hard because you'll get shat on no matter what" which I believed was true to a certain extent, but I've always wanted to say "Try anyway! The more you try, the lesser the chances of you being trapped where you are. Even if it's not foolproof, it's better than moping about your unprivileged life." The more you learn, the more you can work, the less you have to depend on luck or predisposed opportunity. I'll have to remember that. Thank you for the inspiration!

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But before that, do an AMA on reddit

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You're so young! :( I'm glad you made it.. you've been through a lot more than most 17 year olds have gone through, that's for sure. Your story gives me hope that I can ever be as strong as you.

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I truly wish that I had this mindset. You described the feeling well, but it's hard for me to understand because unlike you or OP, I've never had such an experience that would change my perspectives on life and death. I really do wish I knew how to think that way though, it would take a lot of weight off my shoulders.