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At what age did you begin speaking? Was language a challenge and if so what helped?

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I have a child on the spectrum also. He didn’t speak until recently but everything is an approximation of words with the exception of a few. How did your older one speak? Do you have any tips on Exercises that really impacted their speech? We do aba, speech and it is on hold due to covid. I’m always looking for new ideas to help my kiddo.

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Mother of a 4 year old with autism, echolalia is a common feature of autism. How is it it why is it that children on the spectrum cannot retain language? My child speaks but all his words are a sound approximation of a root word. What tips do you suggest to help develop a child’s echoic? What pet of the brain is affected that prevents them from learning language as their nuero typical peers do? We currently are in aba and a preschool that focuses on children with autism. I’m just always looking for information to better understand.