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My question is regarding copyright. My guess is some scanslators do popular series to get visits and from that ad revenue, of course speed is important so they get their magazines days before street date and of course they watermark the pages in case they get rehosted on other readers. We all know this is wrong... most of us anyhow.

But now Anime News Network does something similar. They scan pages with various announcements before the street date, they post watermarked link on it and a semi transparent copy of their logo over the entire page, because they want to maximize their exposure (more visits, more money from the ads I'm guessing). Of course speed is important, so they too snatch magazines days before street date.

Why is that tolerated? Why is it ok for "journalist" to slap giant obtrusive watermarks over artwork that isn't theirs.

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That's not really up to the director. Besides, manga (source material) was on a long hiatus, volume 10 is coming out in May while volume 9 was released back in October 2009. You will have to badger manga's author Rei Hiroe (@hiroerei on twitter) about the characters' fate...

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I'm not entirely certain the Japanese publishers/producers are happy with leaked announcements:

https://twitter.com/ANN_Ed/status/359386664398893056 https://twitter.com/ANN_Ed/status/359395123869646849