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While I can't say I empathize, I can sympathize. My wife is looking into reduction surgery as well as she is very well endowed and it's hell on her back. I'm fully supportive as I want her to be happy. I'm sharing this post with her so she can read all the comments and hopefully be more comfortable while reviewing her options. Thanks for posting!

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No, in all seriousness, in addition to collateral you need to show any qualified lenders (e.g. banks, etc, not friends and family) a proper business plan to assure them that you'll be able to have the cash flow and profit in order to secure a loan.

You don't have to get into specifics, but what is your plan to be able to repay those loans? Meaning what do you intend to do to the town to improve it and have the revenue needed to repay the loans? It looks like a pretty neat place (I remember your previous AMA) and I'm really curious how you plan to monetize and what you've done and intend to do. I'd love to be doing what you're doing. :)

Also, didn't you mention there is an old caretaker you've let stay? Or was that a different AMA I'm confusing your's with?

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Yeah... Pun not intended. But I'll take credit for it if it gives me karma. :)

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I try. She loves it when I hold them up and they don't pull on her back. I offer to do it all the time, but she only lets me at certain times. :)

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All good to hear (sort of), I'm happy he's able to be safe and you as well, even if it means more work for you (better than the alternative). So is that your initial plan then? Tourism? Have you a plan? I ask because I have a place myself near an old abandoned copper mine (still heavy with chalcopyrite but not enough to make it commercially viable anymore) and people really love to explore the old mines and hear the history of the place.