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I've personally been particularly satisfied about the technical and historical articles I've put a lot of research effort in, but it's difficult to pick an absolute favorite. Last summer, I was quite entangled by neural networks because of the recently discovered Deepdream technique and writing the related article gave me a strong feeling of breaking some new ground. (Some of the NN-related YT videos I made at the time actually went somewhat viral.) In "Computer as a model of reality" I didn't have to do a lot of new research but got to release a whole bunch of philosophical angst I had been gathering for ten or twenty years.

As for articles written by other people, I always enjoy when we get to publish the kind of technical stuff that stands the test of time and can be used e.g. to extend the lifespan of old hardware. Such as the article about how to unlock old Thinkpad laptops.

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I've noticed that debugging sucks about equally much regardless of the platform (tried 8-, 16-, 18-, 32- and 64-bit). So, I guess I'd choose the ENIAC-sized Arduino because of the view.

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I would choose the magazine over any mainstream software engineering project. It has already opened new doors for me, made me a more confident writer etc.

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Civilization 1 had quite a huge impact on me. Nowadays preferring FreeCiv when I need the fix.

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When mentioning 90's Finnish indie videogames, one shouldn't forget the "luolalentely" or "multiplayer Thrust clone" genre represented by the likes of Turboraketti and Super Sukkula. I haven't heard that this genre even has a commonly accepted name in languages other than Finnish.