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visaXdeclined17 karma

Seriously cool to see you posted here-- I have always loved [and was equally mortified by] this movie, but for whatever reason no one in my hometown had ever seen it when I mentioned it!! Was raised in a tiny + creepy ass town so I loved the settings/vibe instantly as a "scary film" cuz it felt relatable + familiar in a dreadful way. Ending was BRUTAL though lmao

What have you been up to in general since the film? Any plans to act again in the future? Is there anything you would have changed about the experience in filming june 9? [No worries if answered already]

visaXdeclined5 karma

Very cool man, congratulations on the family and accomplishments since filming, sounds like you been busy as hell! Also I'd be soooo excited to see a June 10 film so that better happen eventually dammit lmao