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Can you elaborate on exactly where the line is drawn between what NVIDIA does, and what EVGA does from the start to finish of making and selling a video card? Can I have a whirlwind tour of the birth of a GTX 780 to when it arrives at my door?

This leads to when comparing equally clocked GPUs, why should I choose EVGA over a lesser priced competitor?

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Are half these people just faking it for the high value items they bring in? How much is real? I always hear the same story with paintings.

"Well my great-grandma and her family were educated, wealthy, and involved in some small way in the art world in 1910. Today my family is now living in a rust belt crack den and I work part time in a tollbooth. I've had this painting behind my sofa for 20 years and occasionally the cat pisses on it and likes to trim his claws on the frame. As a kid growing up I loved the painting and we used to draw on it like the 'moustache fiend' after watching Daffy Duck too many times. When my grandma died, we divied up her estate and I only wanted this. Despite the completely obvious clear artist signature with a date, I've never once heard of the internet or attempted to type it into a Google search. Nope, never heard of Wikipedia which is the first result for the artist's name that every viewer at home has looked up on their phone before the segment is even over. I decided to spend money on tickets for the show, took off work, and wanted to stand in line for hours and hours all day on Tuesday. No idea what it's worth."

There's just no way with the internet widely available that so many of these people can be clueless, especially younger people.