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While the buy congress's browser history thing sounds like a good idea, Matt's plug in is actually happening and hopefully doing some good and proving a point about data collection that most of us are unaware of.

The data we let websites have on us is enough to let a potential creeper know way too much about us, and we put that data out there knowing to be careful. If our ISP's can just sell our data we can't be safe, they have access to anything we put on the internet even if it's just sending photos of my kids to my mom.

I don't want that to happen to me so I am helping Matt get the word out about his project and his software that can opt me out of data collection from my ISP.

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We are not affiliated, but Yes, we are aware. Ed Summers is one of the inspirations for this project, and we have been in dialog with him about our own project. Being able to look through his data gathering has helped us to better understand what data we want to track. Gives us ideas on how to track it as well.

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Will we track what interns are doing on their way to Starbucks? Yes, we will probably catch some of that. We have filters and can analyze the data to parse some of that out.

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There are lots of questions on how, why, when and it is easier to answer those in an AMA. We also want more people to be aware of this project, and be aware of how easy it is to get data in general.

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