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What makes Chika Chika Idol different from other anime about idols?

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  1. Can you talk a bit in detail what a producer does, or what you do as a producer?

  2. A couple issues in the Japanese animation industry are short, difficult schedules and low pay for many animators. Have you taken either of these into consideration in your project?

  3. Any hints for future Creative Intelligence Arts projects?

  4. Why are violas better than violins?

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What was your favorite joke/gag in milky holmes TD?

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How do you guys feel about the market for translated manga in the US. Do feel like its expanding or is it just a small base that now has more money post-recession? How do you think the industry may change in the future?

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With your recent partnership with Crunchyroll for subscription based manga, whats your process for adding new titles to that service? Are you waiting for some metrics first? Or are you waiting just to get some legal stuff to get out of the way?

I think for the most part, the totles on the CR manga service target traditionally male audience so itd be cool to see greater variety on there.