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This has been an issue that has sort of cycled through the public awareness for decades. I recall being a small child in the 80's and seeing signs at my local mall pet store about ending the practice of puppy mills.

My question is, WHY do you think that previous attempts at legislation and public awareness campaigns have done so little to stop the cruelty? What needs to be done to really get justice for these dogs and shut down these places for good?

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This is important. My friend is an ASL studies major in her first year. I've picked up several ASL phrases from her for critical issues such as "where's a starbucks?" and how to ask people which one of two things they prefer, but NO ONE has taught my friend how to properly swear in ASL. We need some videos to help us. Can you make a video of some key signs and phrases we need to know? Pretty please...

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I will :) thanks!