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Hi, David, I just want to thank you for doing this. Feel free to stop by /r/anarchism any time, we'd love to have you!

I'm currently in student loan debt that is so high that it's more than 10x what I make yearly. I'm hoping to refinance this through my local Credit Union as it is currently private through Sallie Mae. I'm sure you've heard of the debt resistors handbook, what other tips do you have to someone who is a debt slave in terms of balancing paying off the man and remaining radical? Or should I just stop paying all together and telll them to go fuck themselves?

Edit: More q's

Please describe the difference between the popular notions of communism and socialism, and what they actually mean to you.

In Debt you define capitalism to operate "to pump more and more labor out of just about everyone with whom it comes into contact, and as a result produces an endlessly expanding volume of material goods." Does this also apply to the concept of "anarcho-capitalism"? Why or why not?

How do you find Derrick Jensen? A lot of people don't like his views on primitivism. Where would you say you two mesh or conflict?

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I don't have a question, I just want you to know that I support you and stand in solidarity with you... From this unhelpful distance.

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My studies are irrelevant. I have tried finding work in my studied fields, and have become disillusioned with it in general. My current position is low paying and barely affords my rent. Having signed for the loans when I was younger and naive, with no financial support from grants, scholarships, or financial aid, I signed for loans because at the time, my high school was teaching that college = jobs.

Now, some years out of college, I'm an anti capitalist who doesn't care about credit. I have no desire to "own a house" because it is against my ethics, and owning a car is just a wasteful prospect, as I've just gotten rid of mine due to lack of use.

But as you mention, I am currently looking into refinancing with my new credit union. Why, given my previous explanations? Because as much as I would love to not care, and as much as I say I don't... I have to care for one reason or another.

Rest assured that I do have a career path in line that pays well enough, and will still allow me to openly express my radical ideals.

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How do you keep your cows producing milk after you've separated mother and young?

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Hey! I hope you're still around.

I always use VeganOutreach pamphlets when leafletting. Thanks for your help, and I love my VO shirt. I wear it to the gym. It has a baby chick on it. I'm buff, it's funny.

ANYWAY, how do you feel animal abuse is ingrained in our society as a whole? Is there a societal/structural issue to it all? How do you feel veganism as a philosophy involves more than just animals, but humans as well?