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WAY too many favorite game soundtracks, but put a gun to my head, and I'll say I'm a huge fan of Hitsohi Sakimoto, especially Vagrant Story and Radiant Silvergun. I actually just played through the opening of Vagrant Story in my audio class last week as a great example of interactive music composition. So I guess there's that!

Can I do a second one? I LOVE Michael Z. Land's work at LucasArts back in the day. Again, awesome interactive music composition!

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Yeah, in Flower, I think I spent about as much time designing the Flower sounds as I did composing the music. I think a lot of that resulted from the fact that I enjoyed working with the game development tools I had, especially the Sony SCREAM tool, and I loved surprising myself with what the system could do if I pushed it.

It also meant I was spending much less time staring in front of my traditional music composition software. But that was okay... once the music heuristics, whether for melodies or for larger song structures, were setup, actually composing the hard music content came about really fast. It's kind of like jamming with a musician... once you learn what he likes to do, you've got a more solid idea of how to jam along with him. In this case, the musician I'm jamming with is a set of heuristics in (For Flower) SCREAM and Lua.

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Since you said "what" instead of "who" I'll answer this with:

Sid Meier's CPU Bach for 3DO.

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What made me decide to become a game composer? I think it was being a little kid and playing Commodore 64 games on that black and green monitor... without speakers. :) I had to imagine a lot of sound while I was playing those games.

Probably Panzer Dragoon. Loved that universe. LOVED the RPG. (And I also loved Saori Kobayashi's and Hayato Matsuo's work on the later games, but I'd love to have had a shot at working on those. Alas, a little before my time...)

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Recently? Proteus. There's some wonderful music happening in there! I think a bit like the way Flower felt at the time, Proteus is pretty unusual and aspirational and really fantastic.