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First of all, I'd like to say that you're one of my personal idols. The way that Prince of Persia revolutionized the industry was mind-blowing for me as a kid, when I began to read about games much older than me. I'm anxious waiting about the new projects mentioned.

With all being said, do you haver any personal idols (inside and outside the game industry)? How did they inspire you and how they influenced you? Have you met any of them personally?

Thanks for doing this AMA. I hope your book travels overseas as soon as possible to Latin America, or I'll have to import it anyways hahahahaha

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Hello Jeff, glad to see this AMA here!

I'm a statistics student in Brazil (one of my professors got his doctorate degree at Carnegie Mellon University, in fact!). Much of what we learn nowadays is related to careers pertaining the finance fields.

Other stuff includes academic research mixed with other fields. I see myself as a data analyst for a big bank someday, but I always think: is there any career for a data scientist thats underrated by modern standards but still awesome and rewarding, in your opinion?