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So should e-mail be protected by the same privacy laws that protect postal mail? P.S. You and I traded e-mail (about e-mail) once years ago and you inspired me a great deal. Thank you!

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I may be grossly uninformed as this is not a subject I follow but I understand that over the last several years a lot of Russians have migrated to Israel. I also see that Israel’s political landscape has shifted dangerously to the right and toward authoritarianism. Is this just a coincidence or are these changes related to one another? If they are related, is Portugal at risk for leaning towards right wing authoritarianism?

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Not always. I have been through this a few times and if the VC funding comes at a good time it will reinforce the value of your founder stock and possibly give you an option to get a little cash out. About half the time the VC comes at the worst time and saves you in exchange for heavy current and future dilution. 50/50 is not bad. The odds of actually getting funded are not so high.

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Can you provide a source or add a /s so I can better understand your comment?

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Thank you for voting for H.Amdt. 413 (Amash) to H.R. 2397. (I wish it had passed.) I was lucky enough to meet you several times when I lived in Kingston, NJ. I have since escaped from NJ so I will, unfortunately, not have a chance to vote for you again but you have my support sir.