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Good to see you do this AMA....As an Indian I have been looking fwd to such a discussion on an open forum. Couple of points I'd like to discuss and answered if possible...Before I begin, wish you and your loved ones a happy eid

  1. You mentioned you speak from the perspective of majority/entirety Kashmiri people. How many people of % of Kashmiris does your "majority" include? Now I do not intend to challenge your claim but I'm curious to know since I know a lot of people from J&K that are HAPPY with being Indians
  2. What is your view of Kashmir geographically? Does it include Jammu and Ladakh regions? If yes, then I'd have to say your views are somewhat incorrect
  3. I gather from your thoughts that Kashmiris desire independence and not be part of India or Pak. Have your majority Kashmiri people ever thought about how would Kashmir survive (leave alone thrive) without the financial support Indian govts have been giving to the region? I hope you are aware that Kashmir gets one of the largest budget allocation in India and provides the least income (taxes) to indian govt
  4. Do you and the other Kashmiri people acknowledge the support Indian armed forces provide to the region and the amount of income Kashmir generates from other parts of India? (Tourism, exports etc?)
  5. What is your view on the terrorism in Kashmir? Terrorists or freedom fighters?
  6. Why did you chose to get an Indian ID card if you are so anti-India? Adhar card is optional so definately you must have applied for it to get one?
  7. Why did you get your education in an Indian college when you could have studied in any other college across the world?
  8. As a Kashmiri, what was the kind of rebates you recd in your education? if any

Lets discuss these and take it ahead from there...looking fwd to your responses

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Which cities in India did you visit and how bad was the air pollution in Indian cities as compared with Ulaanbaatar?

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You seem like a very smart guy to me but some of your comments really make me think otherwise....

Communication in Kashmir was very much on when the advisory for tourists/students to move out was made. At that very point, most of India knew that something on the lines of removal of 370 could happen very soon. Almost all India but Kashmiris? Come on...you cannot be that naive...

And what did you expect the govt to do? Announce on twitter that on certain date constitution is about to appended? So they have much more issues to deal with?

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I pity your mindset and feel sorry if this is the mindset the other Kashmiris have....I love Kashmir and imo Kashmiri people are very humble and kind....you hardly resonate that...

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Thanks for your comments....air quality in Indian cities is definitely bad and worsening each day...