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Thank you for your service to the public.

Does the FCC have plans to bust up the monopolies that are currently in control of our communication infrastructure? When it happened with Ma Bell years ago it was for a reason. Now we seem to find ourselves in a much similar situation in our nation. Is the current situation less of a monopoly than before?

Also. Has there been any talk or interest in Washington about making a free, national high speed internet? It would be in the nations best interest if we did. Simply from an economic standpoint. There is no reason that people should be paying $100 for internet...

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Thank you for what you do.

1) Jack, how has your reformation impacted your personal life? Does your family look at you in a new light now?

2) How do you think can we be of greatest impact in our immediate (local) vacinity?

3) Will you come out to Santa Fe for a sandwich? I'll gladly make anything that you see here - http://imgur.com/a/BYZRe

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Who in your opinion has the best sandwiches in town? Taking everything into account. Can you eat it with one hand? While driving? Cost? Size? Deliciousness? How long is the wait?

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Hey man, great stuff all the way around.

So I read your name and immediately associated your face in my mind with Aziz Ansari. I then promptly said aloud "wait a minute... that can't be right..."

So my question is - how do you feel about that. Is there someone else you'd rather be mistaken for?

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Word up, thank you so much. I'm coming out to listen to some music in March and that place in now on the list.