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For those who are wondering why redditors from India are jumping japang with joy for this AMA, Kashyap is the leading figure in bringing sensibility to the otherwise song-and-dance routine that a Bollywood film usually is. He is making intellectual films which cover a wide strata of Indian society. This is particularly interesting because these films are not what the masses go to the theaters to watch, so these aren't really the money-churners for producers and distributors.

Most of the educated people in India with any sort of taste in art and films are tired of the a-la-carté fare on Indian films and TV. Anything coming out of AKFPL (his company) and anything with his support gets high regards and is awaited eagerly by people. In the past, he has braved a grave lack of money and interest in intelligent film making to come to the point where he is today.

His success keeps alive the hopes of many aspiring actors, writers and other directors across the country, irrespective of where they come from and whom they know in the industry. He is recognizing good talent wherever he comes across and is promoting it.

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I am Sunil. AMA.

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Thanks for answering. I find it sad that prostitution (or being sold) is the easier way for a girl/woman to settle down.

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Indian here, now in Europe. Thats just a cultural curriosity thing.

Once I went biking in some laid back dutch villages, and I was the foreigner there! Little kids would stare with a kind of amusement. I must say knowledge of other cultures is as limited in small cities elsewhere as in small cities in India.

One question for you. How would you get the money from the US in all the random places you were being? Did your mom also pick up some jobs while on the run?